We sell tokenized properties in the USA to investors all around the world using blockchain

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Midblock | 516

UbLocated in the heart of Miami, this unit is rented through Airbnb and comparable achieving very attractive returns for investors.

Purchase tokens from $1,000 and be part of the evolution in the real estate industry.

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What Is Tokenization?

Tokenization is the process in which sensible data from assets, currencies and more is replaced by a unique identifier known as a “token”. This acts as a perfect representation of said data and protects it at the same time keeping it anonymous and confidential.

Fractionalized Investments

The investment in each of our properties is divided into a finite number of tokens (BRETs). Based on the number of tokens, the owners receive income derived from the rental of the property and benefit from its appreciation over time. You don’t have to buy an entire property, you can buy fractions starting at $1,000.

Property Management

Each property is managed by ourselves or a specialized third party manager. The manager is in charge of finding tenants for the properties, collecting rent and making repairs so that you do not have to.

Security and Flexibility

Thanks to blockchain, your investments will be safe in your electronic wallet or in our portal if you don’t have one yet. Also, you can exchange or sell them whenever you want if you need liquidity for new investments or other purchases.