Real Estate + Security Token Market

Real estate is a market of high capital intensity making it challenging for investors or individuals to participate. Based on our analysis of various Miami properties at BlokHaus Real Estate + Investments, we have seen that initial investments for a “good” asset are in the $300,000 range, making it exclusive for those with high capital availability.

Having acknowledged this, investors from all over the world are still willing to enter the US real estate market under any conditions, recognizing the immense value of assets in Florida, more specifically in Miami. We are talking about assets that have had positive returns for more than 100 years (of course aside from the crisis that was triggered due to bad use of securities where banks started selling packs of shares with profitable and unprofitable houses that ended up in disaster) and will continue to rise in value. 

We have been working towards the democratization of real estate using fintech. Blockchain allows us to do that, having become the ecosystem where crypto-assets can thrive, transactions and ownership of these assets can now be extremely efficient and safe. Our mission has become to implement fintech into real estate services by offering investment opportunities and fractional ownership through security tokens . All of this to generate financial inclusion by creating access and democratizing real estate investment opportunities powered by blockchain technology. This allows any individual to access this market by purchasing shares of a fractionalized property. Thanks to our BlokHaus Real Estate Tokens (BRETs), investors can now access extremely profitable and safe real estate markets with lower capital amounts while taking advantage of high annual yields that were only achievable with higher capital requirements. On the other side of the equation, having multiple individuals invest in one property, provides a faster and more efficient way to sell their property. By tokenizing their assets through a platform like BRET Real Estate Tokenization the cost in time and effort, as well as brokerage commissions, can now be lowered dramatically, thus becoming more profitable to sell using this method rather than the traditional one. 

Not only will investors be able to buy fractionalized real estate in the U.S, but they can also be entitled to receiving the rental income that these assets generate through their operation. Moreover, BRETs can be exchanged on a secondary market to allow new liquidity opportunities for all token holders. Basically, you don’t have to look for realtors and commit to tiresome processes to sell your property. Now you only have to offer your token at an open market and wait for someone in any corner of the world to find your token attractive and buy it. At that point, you will have sold your fraction of a property and can now use the extra liquidity to find other investment opportunities. 

Security Token Real Estate Market

Our friends from Security Token Market have had monthly updates regarding the worldwide secondary security token market. Lately, their focus has been put into the real estate industry given its wider opportunities with digital securities.

When looking at the Security Token Real Estate Market analysis, according to STO Market, it was worth $51,182,427 as of March 2022 with a trading volume of $113,424. The trades are conducted on different exchanges that allow investors to have an extra layer of liquidity and a greater versatility with their assets. These numbers are growing by the day, showing a great increase in adoption for this vehicle to invest.

In the end, thousands of investors and issuers are taking advantage of the opportunities that digital securities bring with them. It is a great time to start building your investment portfolio in one of the most stable and secure industries by buying your first shares of fractionalized properties in the U.S through our platform at BRETS.IO.