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BRET, Real estate Tokenization is a marketplace where you can find tokenized real estate investment opportunities from $100.

We are a company based in Miami Beach, Florida. Our company is led by Juan M. Álvarez who has over 18 years of experience navigating the real estate market and a team of 10 multicultural experts in asset management, marketing, technology and finance.

A token within the blockchain ecosystem is the representation of an object in code format that runs on top of that technology. The programming code saves the behavior of said token and keeps a record of any movement or transaction made with a token. This representation is created for various reasons such as convenience, security, and ease of transportation or transfer.

A great traditional example would be casino chips: although the production of these chips is low cost, they represent a high amount of money in a certain context or for a certain community, although their own materiality does not contain that value in itself.

Tokens are often mentioned when talking about cryptocurrencies or crypto networks. It could be said that every cryptocurrency is a token, however, not every token is a cryptocurrency.

There are different types of tokens depending on their function: transactional, utility, governance, non-fungible and security tokens.

BRET stands for BlokHaus Real Estate Token. Each token represents direct ownership over an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) that owns the real property. For each property we tokenize, a new type of BRET will be issued representing ownership over each specific asset. In summary, each BRET Real Estate Token you own represents ownership of a real property.

When you purchase our BRETs you are literally buying shares of a company that owns a specific property. Because blockchain adoption is not quite at the point we would like it to be, the title of the property has to be assigned to a company or an special purpose vehicle (SPV). Then, we issue shares of that SPV that are later on tokenized to be held on an electronic wallet.

Property management varies property to property. BRET has a sister company called BlokHaus Assets Under Management that has been managing residential and commercial properties with great results. However, depending on the asset class we may let another more experienced and specialized company take over the management. We will be very careful to select only the best property managers to make sure our properties preform at its best for all investors involved.

We have an outstanding team when it comes to choosing the right properties. Led by our founder and CEO Juan Alvarez who has over 18 years of experience navigating the real estate market, our acquisitions team analyses hundreds of properties on a weekly basis.

When auditing properties we make sure to pay great attention to the financials of the property and its performance over the years. We also conduct financial modeling to get an idea on how the property can perform in the future.
If financials make sense, we then go into the property structure. We conduct inspections that allow us to know the shape of the different properties and make sure they are good for our investors without any major repairs needed.

Finally we make sure the property has no legal issues. We conduct a lien search with the help of our Title company to make sure there are no litigations nor any legal issues.

Investors can remain calm if BRET were to go out of business. As every property is assigned to an independent LLC solely owned by our investors, BRET would assign a new GP to the LLC that will ensure the continuity of the investment.

The answer is yes. Security tokens are the blockchain representation of a traditional security, therefore, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) heavily regulates every security token offering to ensure compliance with securities’ laws.

In very simple terms it is a wallet on the blockchain that allows users to store and transfer their digital assets. It works like Apple Pay except here you can store cryptocurrency, NFT’s and our security tokens. Below are some of the greatest examples of wallets on the market:

i. Metamask
ii. Coinbase Wallet
iii. Algorand wallet

Anyone can participate in our offerings form as little as $100!

We abide by Regulation S and Regulation D from the SEC. Therefore, US-accredited investors and Non-US citizens can invest in our offerings. Besides that, here’s a list of countries that are sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC):

Iran, Islamic Republic of
North Korea
South Sudan
Syrian Arab Republic

Security tokens are very versatile. However, they do have limitations because of securities laws.

The first thing you can do once you acquire a security token is hold it and receive dividend payments linked to that token. Other options are swapping and trading. You can transfer your tokens to anyone directly and exchange it for something else.

One of our main goals is to be able to list our tokens on a secondary market. On these Alternative Trading Systems, you can see live price of your tokens and place buy or sell orders creating a true secondary market for real estate and thus, generate liquidity.

The main difference lies in the way ownership is represented. Traditionally, ownership would be represented by a piece of paper, in this case, a token replaces that piece of paper. So why would you want a security token instead of a piece of paper? The answer is: versatility. One of the main goals of tokenization is to achieve liquidity. Because transactions on the blockchain happen instantly and borderless, you can trade your tokens with almost everyone in the world in a matter of minutes. Also, security tokens can be traded on Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) where more liquidity is available.

Short answer: off course!

One way of selling them is on a peer to peer transaction, where you negotiate the terms of the sale with another party directly and then make the exchange.

Another option is on an Alternative Trading System (ATS). Once one of our tokens gets listed on one of these ATSs you can leverage their larger liquidity pools and place buy or sell orders with your tokens.

You have two options: the first one and simpler one is to let your tokens sit in our integrated keyless wallet. This means you store your security tokens on our platform and you can log in anytime to see your tokens and the amount of dividends you are entitled to.

The second option is to migrate your tokens directly to your e-wallet like Coinbase wallet or Metamask. This is the safest way to store your tokens and you can then have complete control and versatility of your tokens.
Every month, when the rent is paid on your properties we will make automatic distributions to investors to our keyless wallet. What this means for you is that you will be able to see how much money you are entitled to. However, that money will go effectively to your bank account every quarter to avoid high transaction costs.

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